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Inspired by the wisdom and indigenous traditions of African cultures, experience the true power of nature where pure, ethically sourced ingredients are transformed into products for home and self that challenge the idea that natural and effective cannot co-exist.

Our Pillars

As consumers become more conscious and careful about where to place their money, Pure Persona offers them an opportunity to align their concerns with our unique mix of:


A world where people live out their true selves in total inner peace.

That is why our products and our tone promotes mental health conversation. We dedicate our work to lowering the wall to access to mental health services in our native ghana.


Bridging innovation, science and tech with time tested ancient beauty ingredients from the purest source.


We activate our community of customers and non customers through url and irl experiences.


From packaging, to ingredients, to the brands we align with, we believe that we can fulfill our value proposition without disrupting nature and ruining the earth.


There are so many incredible people, brands and creatives doing incredible things left and right. We want to create a culture whereby some of the most dynamic minds work with us either on products, events, or community projects

Our Founder

Nana Konamah

An authentic lifestyle ambassador and a minimalist luxury connoisseur would be the best way to describe Nana Konamah.

Her Passion to help busy people achieve their mind, body and soul goals using natural ingredients in self care rituals is what inspired her to create Pure Persona in her kitchen. As a scientist and Ghana’s first Chief Innovations Officer she recognized the gap in the beauty and wellness market for luxury products that combined clean pure indigenous ingredients with scientific technologies and a modern design aesthetic.

A mental health advocate, Nana Konamah hopes to foster a culture of indulgent self-care, acceptance, inner peace and “breathing easy” for the woman who does it all. She is committed to helping busy people achieve their mind, body and soul goals. A practicing Vegan and an avid environmentalist, she is determined to do her part in conserving the planet for the future generations.

Message from Our Founder

The seeds of Pure Persona were planted as early as when I was 5 years old. As a child growing up in Ghana I had a first row seat to traditional West African natural beauty ingredients.

Fast forward to when my family moved to the United States, my fascination for beauty and wellness secrets from my culture deepened so much so that by the time I was in high school I began making my own body butters, creams and healing remedies to soothe the occasional sore throat- each concoction, a creation building on my own family's traditions.

In 2013, during a personal retreat, Pure Persona was born in the form of a powerpoint presentation I sent around to family and friends. With no industry experience, and no real plan to bring my dreams to life, I shelved my idea, knowing that once the time was right Pure Persona will live and breathe its full life.

So I moved on with life, and intensified my kitchen creations while simultaneously making a name for myself in the tech sector as Ghana's first Chief Innovation Officer. In 2020 we finally launch Pure Persona.

Since then, Pure Persona has grown from a hair care brand into a wellness lifestyle brand for self AND home.

Every product is inspired by one of my kitchen creations.

Every idea is rooted in my rich origins.

My hope is that this is a brand that fills you with over abundant joy every single time you use, purchase or gift one of our products and above all, helps you breathe easy!- Love, NK

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