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Swaady Martin: African Tea Mistress and Pure Persona’s Latest Girl Crush

Swaady Martin: African Tea Mistress and Pure Persona’s Latest Girl Crush

In the vibrant realm of African entrepreneurship, there are luminaries who continually push boundaries, challenge expectations, and create spaces for authentic African luxury. I met Swaady Martin back in 2019 at an Essence event however, I had known of her for some time prior to our official meet as I regularly sipped on the esteemed African Tea Mistress’s teas and loved them, we had quite a few mutual friends too so we were often in the same circles and spaces. We shared a common interest, an interest in becoming powerful business women with goals of sharing the beauty and luxury that lays in Africa’s soil.

A visionary entrepreneur, and woman of many talents, she stands tall as a true inspiration for aspiring change-makers across the globe, such as myself. Through her award-winning luxury brand, Yswara, and her various endeavours, Swaady Martin has captured the essence of African luxury and conscious entrepreneurship, earning admiration and accolades along the way.

A portrait of Swaady Martins

A Journey Rooted in Excellence and Empowerment

Swaady Martin’s journey has been one of relentless pursuit of excellence, empowerment, and creating a meaningful impact. Her entrepreneurial prowess is evident in her founding of Yswara, an African tea company hailed as one of the continent's most admired luxury brands. Through this venture, Swaady Martin has effectively redefined the African tea experience, celebrating and showcasing Africa's abundant natural resources… How could we crush on anyone else??

Swaady has played as a paragon to myself and of course Pure Persona because she moulded the path we see Pure Persona filling in its near future. She made it look so possible and achievable and being able fulfil this level of greatness is what we aspire to do.

Consciousness Activism and Literary Empowerment

Beyond her achievements in the luxury market, Swaady goes above and beyond to make a positive impact on society as a whole. As an individual who has a strong sense of consciousness nurtured within her and an advocate for diverse representation in children's literature, she founded LovingKindness Boma, an independent publishing house that creates conscious books for children featuring diverse main characters. Through this initiative, Swaady Martin endeavours to instil values of empathy, tolerance, and diversity in young readers, creating a more inclusive and compassionate world.

Growing up being taught her “responsibility to make the world a better place”, Swaady also founded Tounché Global Consciousness Summit, which I had the privilege of being a participant sponsor for, Tounché is a safe space created to promote diversity, consciousness and inclusiveness. Their ultimate goal is to create a more loving and compassionate world where all can thrive. It is an invitation to be in the presence of people who are doing the work of sacred leadership and empowerment all across the globe. From different cultures, socio-economic and professional backgrounds, in different ways through all different mediums, it is truly a global gathering. As a business that is striving to promote self-care, consciousness and leading with love and compassion, we see the work that Swaady has done with LovingKindness Boma and Tounché and revere  her because making impacts similar to that in the world is what we strive to do as Pure Persona. We would like to encourage people to take care of themselves and therefore be able to take care of the next.

A Remarkable Educational Journey

As an alumna of prestigious institutions such as Harvard Divinity School and NYU Stern, Swaady Martin has honed her skills and knowledge across diverse disciplines. Her continuous pursuit of education and personal growth has equipped her with a unique perspective, generating ideas and insights that fuel her entrepreneurial ventures. This commitment to lifelong learning and intellectual curiosity is one of the pillars underpinning her success. Again, who else could we possibly have a huge girl crush on!??

Pioneering Spirit and Recognition

Swaady Martin's relentless drive and innovative ideas have not gone unnoticed. As an Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow, a certified Yoga and Mindfulness teacher, and a Pranic Healer, she blends her passion for spirituality and well-being with her entrepreneurial endeavours. Her accomplishments have garnered her extensive media coverage, including features on Forbes and Oprah Winfrey’s "O Power List for Africa." Martin's presence on magazine covers and recognition as a thought leader is a testament to her revolutionary approach to luxury, entrepreneurship, and African empowerment.

Yswara: The Essence of African Luxury

Yswara, Swaady Martin's brainchild, embodies the epitome of African luxury, with an unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. Yswara’s ethos is one that Pure Persona rates highly, the idea of capturing the true spirit and essence of African luxury by creating elegant, high-end products that showcase Africa’s rich heritage and natural resources, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship while still being able to portray the authenticity, beauty and story embedded in each product. This is what we envision our brand to grow into as we navigate our journey further.

Present in South Africa, Nigeria, Cote D'Ivoire, and France, Yswara is expanding its footprint, captivating the hearts and minds of those everywhere. Yswara showcases the diversity and creativity emanating from the continent.

Embarking on the Swaady Martin Journey

Through her endeavours, Swaady Martin has carved a unique path, inspiring both entrepreneurs, like myself, and individuals passionate about creating a positive change in the world. Her indomitable spirit, commitment to excellence, and conscious approach to business are a testament to the phenomenal woman that she is and why it is so hard for us to keep our eyes off her.

As we celebrate Swaady Martin's achievements, we must embrace her as an icon and a role model for future generations. Her unwavering dedication to African luxury, conscious entrepreneurship, representation, and empowerment manifests into tangible impact that transcends borders and elevates the African narrative.

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