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Ahoɔden Heritage Tii

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Introducing "Ahoɔden" Vitali-Tii (Loose Leaf Tea )– A Potent Blend for Inner Strength and vitality.

Unveil the essence of resilience with our extraordinary "Ahoɔden" Loose Leaf Tea. Crafted with a meticulous selection of ingredients, this blend is inspired by the Akan concept of strength, inviting you to experience a harmonious fusion of flavors that fortify both body and spirit.


  • Cacao husks - the soul of rich chocolate, infuse depth and warmth into every cup.
  • Lapacho - revered for its potential health benefits, imparts a woody and soothing character to the blend.
  • Rose petals and buds - add a delicate floral touch, creating a balanced synergy with the robustness of cacao and lapacho.
  • White cornflowers - contribute a gentle sweetness, enhancing the overall sensory experience.
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