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Adwo Heritage Tii

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Introducing "ADWO" Sereni-Tii  – A Serene Blend for Tranquility

Unwind and immerse yourself in the tranquility of "ADWO" Loose Leaf Tea, a meticulous fusion of calming botanicals inspired by the Adinkra symbol representing peace and quiet. Crafted with precision, this tea invites you to experience a moment of serenity with each sip.


  • Lemongrass - a zesty herb renowned for its refreshing and calming properties, creates the foundation for a soothing blend.
  • Cistus Incanus - known for its potential health benefits, imparts a subtle earthy depth to the tea.
  • Blue cornflowers - with their vivid hue, contribute visual delight and a gentle sweetness to the cup.
  • Lemon peel - adds a citrusy brightness, elevating the overall flavor profile.
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