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Pure Persona by Nana®, the name says it all.
A perfect blend of pristine beauty and unique identity.
Pure ingredients from nature made into products that reveal your innate personality.

Conceived by Nana Konamah, the brand is inspired by Sankofa, the Adinkra for ‘reverting to your past in order to reframe your future’. Committed to unleashing the purest you, Pure Persona by Nana® thrives on IDENTITY, CONFIDENCE, and DEDICATION to SELF and BEAUTY. Our origin is rich. Our traditions set you on a course of constant growth and evolution.

Pure Persona by Nana® is inherently African in its thinking and soulfully global in its quest to bring centuries worth of wellness and beauty secrets to the world.

From your hair to your toes our products are made to unearth the truest expression of yourself. We begin from within; believing that inner beauty reflects on the outside.

Our knowledge and techniques guide you on a personal journey to nourish your body, your mind, and your soul.

Pure Persona by Nana® is a true celebration of beauty in every texture and style using time tested treatments.

A calling and an invitation to:

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